Make your own media player (TV box)

I make my own media player using a Raspberry Pi 3 and OSMC. For those of you who are beginners, Raspberry Pi is a cheap Single Board Computer (SBC) which costs somewhere near to 40 Swiss Francs. OSMC stand for Open Source Media Centre. It is a Debian based Linux distribution with Kodi installed. Kodi is the package that provides the media player functionality.

With my Media Player/TV box, I have turned my “not so smart” TV into a Smart TV. What I like about my TV box is that I have full control over it unlike an Apple TV or Android TV box.

The essential parts are:
Raspberry Pi 3
Micro 8GB SD card (Class 10)
An HDMI cable (ensure it is not a really old one)
Micro USB power supply

I assume one wants a presentable media player then I additionally recommend:
Heat Syncs
A housing case

Before you go out and buy I recommend that you read up on the Raspberry Pi and OSMC by going to their official pages –

Here is a Raspberry Pi 3 OSMC media player that I have built for less than 70 Swiss Francs.

RPI Media Player

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